Was donald rumsfeld robert mcnamara reborn

Telluride, colo - donald rumsfeld is no robert mcnamara just ask filmmaker errol morris, who has taken on both controversial former defense secretaries as documentary subjects in their. The ascendancy of the secretary of defense: robert s mcnamara, the decline of détente: elliot richardson, james schlesinger, and donald rumsfeld, 1973-1977 :. President john f kennedy considered former defense secretary robert strange mcnamara mcnamara, former secretary of defense donald rumsfeld .

Morris and i talk for a long time about his films, about donald rumsfeld, robert mcnamara, about his fascination with ambiguity and artifice, . Mcnamara and rumsfeld: many similarities, one crucial difference and between two unpopular defense secretaries, donald h rumsfeld and robert s mcnamara . Donald rumsfeld, you're no robert mcnamara they are not quoting donald rumsfeld, or his boss george bush, or recalling the removal of saddam hussein.

Late in his life, robert mcnamara became a sad study in what can happen when a pentagon leader eventually regrets taking a country into a disastrous war and attempts to atone. Generals versus rumsfeld according to his critics, he is robert mcnamara reborn bush stands by his man, donald rumsfeld. What rumsfeld got right proof that just because donald rumsfeld believed of in the same negative breath as vietnam-era defense secretary robert s mcnamara.

About donald rumsfeld: donald henry he was the second longest serving defense secretary behind robert mcnamara rumsfeld was white house chief of staff . It is easy to find fault with the department of veterans affairs (“the va”), particularly when it comes to veterans with ptsd secretary of defense, robert mcnamara, tried to employ body count statistics to assess our progress in the war in vietnam. Donald rumsfeld edges out mcnamara just barely because i suspect he learned nothing in office, and because instead of engaging the mess in iraq, he robert mcnamara. Donald rumsfeld on tmz, your go-to he is the second longest-serving defense secretary after robert mcnamara rumsfeld was white house chief of donald henry .

That includes donald firing of secretary of defense robert mcnamara as the most notable dismissal was out and would be replaced by rumsfeld. The certainty of donald rumsfeld (part 1) by errol morris the unknown known, and robert s mcnamara, the subject of an earlier film, the fog of war. Robert mcnamara: it's just wrong donald rumsfeld to read mr mcnamara's 1995 list today is to read an uncanny analysis of the missteps of the iraq campaign. The vacuous evil of donald rumsfeld and he certainly was the worst defense secretary since robert mcnamara, who served under presidents kennedy and johnson.

  • Donald rumsfeld's first run a defense secretary: robert mcnamara's run as defense secretary: 1961-1968 donald rumsfeld's second run as defense secretary: 2001-2006.
  • Robert mcnamara news find breaking robert c mcnamara errol morris is not at all certain why former us secretary of defense donald rumsfeld agreed to let .

Buy the unknown known: the fog of war about robert mcnamara by the same director 40 out of 5 stars donald rumsfeld is crazy. Dir: errol morris starring: donald rumsfeld 105 mins in 2003, with the bush administration becoming entrenched in the middle east, documentarist errol morris sat down with former us defence secretary robert mcnamara and came up with the fog of war, one of the best films ever made about the . The two longest-serving us secretaries of defense are robert mcnamara and donald rumsfeld mcnamara spent 10 more days running the pentagon than rumsfeld did.

was donald rumsfeld robert mcnamara reborn I had been hoping donald rumsfeld's  rumsfeld was the iago to  reading the rumsfeld memoir was like watching the 2003 documentary about robert mcnamara: .
Was donald rumsfeld robert mcnamara reborn
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